This Weekend's Weather Setup - One for the Record Books?


An unusually strong ridge of high pressure is building across the Southwest this weekend including Colorado and it means things are going to get toasty around here!  This ridge will do a couple of things to our overall weather pattern:

  • Funnel hot, dry desert air into Colorado from the Southwest and West
  • It will effectively shut down our main source of monsoon moisture

This doesn't mean that thunderstorms won't be a possibility... but they will be much more widely scattered than we've seen the past few days. If your particular area sees any rain this weekend, probably best to go grab a lottery ticket - seeing rain is a stroke of true luck this weekend.

Temperature Anomaly

We look at graphics like this to see not exactly how hot it will get, but how much above or below the average temperature for this time of year our temperatures will be. For these I took the daily high temperatures and compared them to what is normal.

Anything orange or red is above normal.