Project Lenticularis

About the Project

Lenticularis is a concept program that will allow storm chasers to record data from weather stations into a database or CSV file, use that data to plot their positions on a map and explore data they took from every step along their journey.

Here are some of the features we are looking at implementing:

  • Data logging
    • Reading data from a weather station at set intervals
    • Reading data from GPS receivers
    • Combining the weather and location data into one data set to provide useful trip and weather information
    • Storage of that data in a MySQL database or CSV file
  • Map Plotting
    • Implementation of data points from each part of the storm chase
      • This would allow storm chaser to view their entire trip on a map with plotted points and gather recorded weather data from each point
    • Trip tracking
      • Total traveled distance for a storm chase trip
    • Radar Integration/Snapshots (Note: this is a proposed feature and will not be initially included)
      • Along with the ability to gather weather data from each point, we want the ability to have archived radar data captured
      • This would allow the storm chaser to see radar image snapshots along with weather data at any point of the trip
  • Modeling and Analysis
    • The goal of the software is to be a one stop shop for the entire storm chase trip experience.
    • This means the following goals will be accomplished:
      • Accurate weather data for each point
      • Location data for each point
      • Map plotting and logging for trip review
      • Model data archiving so the chaser can see where they were in regards to risk areas and how those risk areas changed throughout the day

The eventual goal of this software will allow storm chasers to review and collect data points from their entire storm chase trip. This will assist in review, science research and allow the chaser to study their past trips for patterns, success and failure points and assist in keeping track of important data.

Supported Weather Station

Initially only the Davis Vantage Vue will be supported. We may add support to other stations in the future.


**We may be able to add support for the Vantage Pro 2 shortly, the data they receive is very similar. We will have updates on this as they become available.