Why Would a Business Want to Sponsor Mountain Wave Weather?

Mountain Wave Weather is run by one person that spends several hours every day putting together forecasts and communicating weather hazards with people across the Palmer Divide and Front Range every day! A lot of the costs fall on them for the software, data and infrastructure to make this all work.

In exchange for financial assistance covering these costs, any small business sponsoring this site gets visibility to thousands, to tens of thousands of viewers per month and helps support a service that keeps the public well informed and ahead of weather based hazards. As a Digital Marketer by trade during the day, your business will also be pushed on a platform that receives a lot of relevant traffic.

Whether you or your business supports Mountain Wave Weather in this way or some other, I truly appreciate the support and attention.

We have options that can cater from very small businesses to larger businesses, you can find details on that below.

Types of Business Sponsorships

There are a couple of different tiers of sponsorships available to help support Mountain Wave Weather.

Platinum Sponsors are those that help us pay for a product or service needed to make Mountain Wave Weather possible; this can be anything from a certain software product, weather data or the server for the website itself. These sponsors get highest recognition on the site and exclusively on whichever product they sponsor.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors have the ability to be a sponsor for 3 month, 6 month or 12 month lengths. They will be displayed prominently on our website, social media and some of our graphic products. You can use the shorter terms to only advertise during seasons that are beneficial for your business (example: if you are in snow removal you can do only 3 months in the winter.)

In addition to the exposure listed above, all sponsors will get special shout-outs and recommendations from me when communicating to my weather audience throughout the month. This can also occur if a weather event occurs that can be beneficial for your business (for example: if there's a hail storm and you are a roofer.)

Ready to Become a Sponsor or Want to Learn More?