The project is broken into 5 phases of initial development. More will follow as more features get added and become available but our goal for 2016 is just to get the core working.

  • Phase 1 (Weather Data Logging) *95% Complete*
    • Capture weather station data and format it for use
    • Parse weather data information for storage
    • Store weather data in MySQL database
    • Store weather in CSV file format (future feature planned)
  • Phase 2 (GPS tracking addition) *95% Complete*
    • Capture GPS data with weather data
    • Format GPS data for use
    • Add GPS data to weather data in MySQL database
  • Phase 3 (UI and Usability) *50% Complete*
    • Allow application settings to be set instead of hard coded
    • Allow settings to be saved in a configuration file
    • UI cleanup and design finishes
  • Phase 4 (Bug fixing and testing) *10% Complete*
    • Fixing and cleanup of any additional data issues
    • Data checking and verification systems implementation
  • Phase 5 (Field Testing) *25% Complete*
    • **This phase may run concurrently with other phases**
    • Mount a weather station and gps receiver on a vehicle and chase or mock chase to collect data
    • Verify data collected correctly
    • Find and record any bugs or issues with application
  • Phase 7 Planned (Data Trending and Graphs in Application) FUTURE
    • Users will be able to see charts and graphs with weather trends collected from their weather station
    • This is a future planned feature
  • Phase 6 Planned (Mapping and data point additions in Application) FUTURE
    • Users will be able to view and map data collected in the application
    • This is a future planned feature

No Initial Release Date Yet Planned