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Since 2014 I have run MountainWave Weather as a small, personal hobby of mine and have been able to do what I love in forecasting, chasing and tracking weather. I've been able to meet a ton of new people (a lot have become great friends) interact with other meteorologists and build an online community of wonderful people that love weather as much as I do.

Over the past year, MountainWave Weather has grown exponentially. To keep up with the growth I've had to move to a bigger and better web server, I've purchased additional forecasting tools including better modeling tools, storm tracking software and continued to hone my craft by attending conferences, conventions and educational events. All of these costs I've covered myself but as they've grown it hasn't been feasible to continue doing it myself.

Starting in 2020 I am going to begin offering premium memberships to those who want to help support MountainWave Weather or appreciate what I do or the service I offer. This isn't a plea for help, the site isn't going anywhere if this fails... I simply want MountainWave Weather to be able to continue to grow. The content of the site will not change from what you all have come to know and love, any features available to subscribers is above and beyond what is currently offered. A sort of thank you for helping me out and an additional perk with more weather stuff than I currently offer.

Thank you so much for visiting and you can see the options below!

~John Braddock
MountainWave Weather  Owner/Forecaster/Storm Chaser

Features Now Live for Supporters (Membership Levels are Designated Under Each Feature)

Long range/experimental forecast product. Will contain 30 days outlooks as seasonal outlooks (spring, summer, etc...)

Now Live as of 2/8/2020 for ALL SUPPORTER LEVELS! (Supporters, Ascent and Peak can all access this feature)

Palmer Divide Snowfall Tracker. Track how much snow we have received vs. average. Currently tracked for Castle Rock, Colorado. More locations may follow.

Now Live as of 2/8/2020 for ALL SUPPORTER LEVELS! (Supporters, Ascent and Peak can all access this feature)

Features Coming Soon!

  • "Platinum" Level Enterprise Forecasting. Have a business where Weather can save or cost you money? How about if you want to be warned for hazardous weather that could effect your employees or customers? Details on this are coming by mid-February!
  • Model Madness! That's right, we are working on being able to download and display model data on the website! This would allow supporters to see the same data I do when I forecast. These may include discussions as to what is going on and what I'm seeing as I'm making a forecast.
  • More to come!



$3 per Month

Thank you so much! This membership tier is for those that want to simply support what I am doing with my weather forecasts and discussions. These folks help cover the costs of the website, the weather software I use and any additional weather related programs and applications I use to create my forecasts.

As a thank you for your support, I will offer:

  • Longer range 3o day outlook for Palmer Divide/Front Range of Colorado
  • Palmer Divide Snow Tracker - find out how much snow we've had and weather we are above or below average on the season!
  • Access to special weather discussion articles where I go into greater details about storms and what makes them tick.

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$5 per Month

For those looking for a bit more weather greatness; Ascent members support my weather forecasts and software costs as above. In return they get access to the following benefits:

  • All of the above, plus;
  • Sunday night planning forecast
  • Thursday night weekend outlook
  • Access to special weather discussion articles where I go into greater details about storms and what makes them tick.

Want to be prepared every week for the weather along the Palmer Divide and Colorado Front Range? Want in depth discussion on why that storm looks to just miss us, why that major winter storm will dump a ton of snow or why this particular spring day is an excellent setup for hail and tornadoes? This level is for you!

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$10 per Month

In addition to the discussion articles and videos featured in the Ascent Tier, this level is for those who truly love, live and breathe Colorado weather every day. Get exclusive access to the following:

  • Detailed forecasts for specific areas
  • Walk-throughs of forecasting tools I use and how to use them to make your own predictions
  • 1 personal forecast per month! Name the location and time you want to see and I'll build a customized forecast.
  • Special access to my storm chasing photos, videos and discussions.

Members in this tier will be able to follow along as I build forecasts, go on storm chases, perform weather experiments and as I travel around Colorado in search of cool weather phenomena.

Platinum [Professional Weather Services for Businesses]



This is Just The Beginning!

I have a lot more ideas for features that I will be adding to membership tiers over the coming months. If you are signed up you will receive access to all of these as they are rolled out!

Questions? You can always contact me by e-mail or send a message on Facebook


Thank you!


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