A quick update on what to expect this week - it's been warm, dry and windy and it looks like that will continue for some time!

Current Fire Weather Highlights


The Fire Weather Alerts will likely continue for many parts of Colorado this week. Currently a Fire Weather Watch is in effect for 4/19/2022 from 10AM through 10PM for Southern parts of the Palmer Divide, Southern and Eastern Colorado. Should humidity drop enough for those areas on Tuesday we will see that upgrade to a Red Flag Warning for extreme fire danger. You will most likely see many of these warnings posted throughout the week.

Just keep this in mind; it really won't be a good week to be burning anything or starting any fires.

Weekly Outlook

The setup for the weather this week more or less looks like the graphic below. This 500mb charge shows the winds and heights for around 500mb which is the mid to upper atmosphere. It shows ridging (high pressure) building to our Southwest and an active storm track continuing to our North. This means we will warm the temperatures up a bit this week as you'll see in the forecast a bit further down this page, but it also means we will continue to see dry conditions and bouts of windiness.


You'll see this snapshot on Tuesday shows the jet stream to our North, it will wobble back and forth from the North to South and back again over the week. The days it's over Colorado, we will have windier days and when it moves away we will calm down a bit. Give the overall pattern through the week though, even the calmer days will still likely be a bit breezy and I don't see the wind going away in the near future - at least until we see a larger scale pattern change.


Temperatures will bump up a bit this week as that warmer air moves in from the ridge to our Southwest. Winds will remain breezy to gusty at times so don't expect that to go away... but notice that there is really no good chances for precipitation. It will remain dry through the week as well as warm and breezy so that's why our fire danger will remain elevated.

Other than that, nothing really super exciting going on in the weather department this week. We will see warm and dry days with seasonal temperatures and breezy conditions.

Not really seeing a large scale weather pattern change in our near future, but we will keep an eye out!