The latest SPC outlook has been released for the 11AM update and as I suspected, parts of the front range of Colorado have been upgraded form a "Marginal Risk" to a "Slight Risk" which means that while severe weather threat is still low - it will be a bit more widespread and storms could be a bit stronger this afternoon.

Here's the latest map showing the areas of concern:

You'll notice the "Slight Risk" area encompasses most of the Front Range and Palmer Divide regions in Colorado.

Primary threats with these storms will mainly be:

  • Large Hail
    • Strong daytime heating and a decently cool middle and upper atmosphere means lapse rates will be quite high
    • This means instability is high, hail will be able to cycle in stronger storms longer and grow larger
  • Strong Winds
    • Collapsing storms and outflow boundaries means strong wind gusts will be possible in and around stronger thunderstorms


  • Tornadoes
    • There is a small (2% chance) of tornadoes across Northeastern Colorado
    • For the Palmer Divide, areas into Elbert County and to the North into Arapahoe County have the highest chance of seeing a tornado
    • Any tornadoes that form should be fairly weak in strength and likely won't last long


For the Front Range and Palmer Divide, primetime for storms is the typical 12PM - 6PM window.

If you have outdoor plans, have a way to get weather alerts and have a plan if you need to move indoors.


If you need a refresher of what Severe Thunderstorm Outlook Categories mean... you can see that here!