Here's a quick look at the snow totals from our latest storm! The storm system behaved pretty much as expected with many of the Palmer Divide locations ending up within or very close to our forecast range. Hope everyone had a safe night, was able to get off the roads before things got nasty and stayed warm!

Data from The National Operational Hydrologic
Remote Sensing Center

NWS Officially Reported Totals for Cities Along and Near the Palmer Divide

County Location Snow Accumulation. Source
Arapahoe 2 SW Centennial 8.5 public
Arapahoe 3 E Cherry Creek Reserv 8 trained spotter
Arapahoe 3 N Foxfield 8 public
Douglas 1 NNW Lone Tree 7.5 cocorahs
Douglas 2 SE Chatfield Reservoi 7.2 trained spotter
Douglas 2 SSW Castle Rock 4.6 cocorahs
Douglas 3 SW Ponderosa Park 5.1 cocorahs
Douglas 2 E Parker 4.6 cocorahs
Douglas 3 SSW Highlands Ranch 7 cocorahs
Arapahoe 2 SSW Aurora 8.5 cocorahs
Arapahoe 2 ESE Foxfield 6.5 cocorahs
Arapahoe 1 SW Greenwood Village 7.5 cocorahs
Arapahoe 2 WSW Buckley Afb 8.5 cocorahs
Arapahoe 3 N Cherry Creek Reserv 6.8 cocorahs
Douglas 3 S Castle Pines 4.1 trained spotter
Douglas 3 NW Parker 6.2 trained spotter
Elbert 1 NW Ponderosa Park 5.5 trained spotter
Arapahoe Greenwood Village 7.8 public
Douglas 3 NNW Parker 5.5 public
Arapahoe 4 S Bennett 4.5 trained spotter
Elbert 9 NE Ponderosa Park 5 trained spotter
Arapahoe Southeast Aurora 5 public
Arapahoe 2 N Highlands Ranch 7.5 trained spotter
Arapahoe 4 S Arapahoe Park 8.2 trained spotter
Arapahoe 4 NNE Foxfield 7.7 public
Arapahoe 4 ESE Foxfield 5 trained spotter
Arapahoe 1 SE Littleton 7.8 trained spotter
Arapahoe 2 SSW Arapahoe Park 7 public
Arapahoe 3 SE Aurora 8 trained spotter
Arapahoe 3 WSW Aurora 7 trained spotter

Overall a pretty good forecast for a very tricky storm! Look for clearing conditions on Saturday with a bunch of quieter weather days ahead for this week. Temperatures will warm up and hopefully we can get rid of some of the snowpack still hanging around on the higher elevations of the Palmer Divide.

Cheers everyone, have a great weekend!