Happy Labor Day Weekend as we celebrate the social and economic development of our workers in the United States. The good news I have is that the weather is going to be quite nice for many of us along the front range. It will be nice to have quieter conditions as many folks have outdoor plans from grilling to camping - good weather is often preferable for that.


Here's a look at Castle Rock's specific forecast over the next 3 days along with discussion below:

Saturday: Saturday will be the coolest of the next 3 days with many Palmer Divide locations topping out with highs in the mid to upper 70's. While many of us won't see any thunderstorm activity I wouldn't be surprised if a select few see a pop up thunderstorm this afternoon - so keep an eye out for that. I'd put your chances at seeing a storm at 10-20% so not a huge chance, but enough that I'd keep an eye out this afternoon just in case. Overnight low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50's. One word to describe Saturday's weather? Pleasant!

Sunday: Sunday we will warm things up and dry them out again - temperatures in the low to mid 80's is quite seasonable for this time of year. We aren't anticipating any rain or thunderstorm activity over the Palmer Divide and most of Eastern Colorado. Overnight temperatures will again be in the mid 50's for most locations with slightly cooler temps in higher elevations. Sunday looks pretty boring in the weather department, but not necessarily a bad thing for this weekend!

Monday (Labor Day): Slightly warmer still on Monday with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 80's for many locations. No thunderstorm activity expected for the Palmer Divide and most of the front range. While it will be a bit toasty, the weather should lend itself pretty well to outdoor plans on Monday. Temperatures overnight will be pleasant in the mid 50's.

Remember that sunscreen if your outdoors this weekend, the UV index will be high!

Air Quality Alerts

Air quality will be a bit of a concern again this weekend. The smoke levels will be in the moderate category so while it won't be as bad as we've seen in the past few weeks it will still be notable.

Peak smoke expected Saturday 9/4/2021

The other issue with the air is that Ozone will be quite high. This means folks with sensitivity to poor air quality or even healthy people undergoing strenuous activity will notice their lungs burning a bit through the day on Saturday. We will keep an eye on Sunday and Monday for any additional air quality concerns but as of right now, no outlooks for those days has been issued.

An Air Quality Alert is in effect for the Front Range Mountains, Front Range Foothills, Urban Corridor and Palmer Divide until 4PM on Saturday 09/04/2021

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Enjoy the time off and the fabulous weather this weekend! I'll be taking a bit of time away from social media and weather watching to recharge a bit. I'll be back on Tuesday to discuss some of the "fun" weather we have lined up next week. Teaser: we are not done with summer and summer temperatures yet!

Have a good one, be safe!