John Braddock, owner of Mountain Wave Weather

There's definitely a lot for me to be thankful this year; great friends, great family and I'm especially thankful that my wife puts up with me looking at, talking about, thinking about weather every waking moment of the day.

I created Mountain Wave Weather mainly as an outlet for this obsession with weather I have. It's been an absolutely amazing time as I've learned to write better, acquired and learned how to use some amazing weather software and been able to attend weather conferences to continue my education in meteorology beyond school.

It astounds me how much Mountain Wave weather has grown, mainly by word of mouth (I don't advertise) and how awesome people have been! There are a couple of big milestones we hit this year and I want to recognize the people who helped make it happen!


Courage Classic/ Fundraising for Children's Hospital

Many people that know me understand that Children's Hospital of Colorado is near and dear to my heart. Every year I participate in the Courage Classic Bicycle Tour to help raise money for this excellent cause. I've always leaned heavily on social media to promote this but in the past couple of years I've used Mountain Wave Weather to help get this message out a bit further.

I was able to raise $700 this year, thanks mainly in large part to a few folks that follow me on Mountain Wave Weather. This was a part of over $100k that was raised in our team that went to the Children's Hospital Inherited Metabolic Disease team, a group of people I have very close ties with and without whom I don't know where I'd be today.

I want to specially recognize these people who donated:

  • Gerald Morrison

  • Lee Rottler

  • Courtney Appel-Sadler and Family

Thank you guys so much for helping me with this cause!

To everyone else that follows along, I will be doing this event again next year so stay tuned for details on that!

Business Support

As many of you know, I don't generally like to use Mountain Wave Weather as a platform to advertise. I'll make an exception here and there when warranted and I believe this is one of those cases;

Mark and K.C. Neel and their staff at Castle Rock Bike and Ski were amazing this year in keeping my bike running. I put nearly 1,100 miles in and let's face it... I'm rough on my bike. These guys helped me out a ton this year and I really appreciate everything they do to keep me running!

If you haven't had a chance to visit their place in downtown Castle Rock, I highly recommend it. Not only are they an awesome, locally owned small business with great people, but they can keep you bike and or skis in great shape all year long!

Shameless plug here for something I started this year. MountainWave Digital Solutions is a small side project I started that turned into a business where I get to help people with another one of my passions. I was able to do countless projects that involved helping people with websites, search engine optimization, business intelligence and application development. The reason I mention it as a word of thanks is that a good chunk of the money I earned on these projects went into my bike races and fundraising, but some of the profits also went into the cool weather tools and analysis you see on this site and my social media pages.

Not really a thank you to myself, but more of a thank you to my clients who took a chance on me when I started out. Thank you all for allowing me to work with you and thank you for being a big part of making this year happen!

Altitude SEO, Sean Hakes, Denver SEO

Finally one more quick shutout to Sean Hakes with Alititude SEO (believe they're now called Altitude Agency... Sean send me a new logo! :-P) Not only has he been great to talk shop to in Castle Rock, but many folks have found me on one of his Facebook Groups or pages, this includes CRCO Castle Rock. A super special thanks to him for helping me build this little community over the past year!

Sean is one of those guys who selflessly does a lot for the community of Castle Rock... a lot of behind the scenes things that he doesn't even get credit for. If you see him on social media or about in town, say hi!

Thank You!

It's been an amazing year and I look forward to what's coming next! I'm truly very lucky to have the friends and family around me that I do.

To everyone who follows along on Mountain Wave Weather, thank you for sticking with me and putting up with my weather nerd-ery! I have some cool things I'd like to do in 2019 to continue Mountain Wave Weather and will have some updates on that in the very near future!

Have a happy, safe and prosperous 2019!

~John Braddock