A lot of folks will be travelling this week (especially to the mountains if yesterday's traffic was any indication) and lots of camping and boating along with BBQ-ing will be in our near future. Luckily the weather this weekend looks to be absolutely outstanding... if you love heat anyways.

Record setting heat possible again this weekend with very low chances for any precipitation

Castle Rock and its surrounding areas will experience very warm temperatures throughout the weekend. Particularly Sunday and Monday temperatures will be running over 15 degrees above average!

Denver will threaten some of it's record highs for the date.

For those of us at higher elevations in Elbert County it will be a bit cooler overall but still well above average. Here's data from the weather station at the Monument/Elbert station

Forecast high and low temperatures for Monument Hill/Elbert station. (EURO model)

Notice for both areas it remains quite warm through next week with a cooldown possible by next weekend. We are after all, approaching fall so while the hot temperatures are here for now, we start to see a marked decrease in them especially as we get later into September.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!