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As we move into March the region moves into one of the more interesting time periods of the year for weather. March begins the season meteorological spring, this season is characterized by huge swings in temperatures, snow storms, ice storms, hail, tornadoes and everything in between. The Castle Rock area experienced some interesting weather swings this March and while we often recorded our snowiest month during this time, snowfall was overall pretty abysmal for March 2017.

March 2017 Castle Rock Colorado Weather

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On another note, the state of Colorado as a whole recoreded its warmest March ever recorded since records began. Did Castle Rock's temperatures contribute to this trend? Let's take a look!


Castle Rock Co Weather March 2017 Weather Satistics

March 2017 continued our trend of above normal temperatures for the region. Castle Rock and many areas surrounding Castle Rock recorded some of their warmest March average temperatures in history. We saw a cool start at the beginning of the month, followed by a brief dip towards Normal at the end of the month. Between those two slight dips it was all warm temperatures.

The monthly mean temperature for Castle Rock finished at 45.27 degrees which is 5.87 degrees above average

This is the second month in a row Castle Rock Colorado has finished more than 5 degrees above average, quite a statistic!


Castle Rock Co Snowfall March 2017

March Snowfall Tracker for Castle Rock, Colorado

In what is usually our snowiest month, we did not see much of anything for March 2017. Any storm systems that did make it through left more rain that snowfall, but even with the rain it was not enough to help March 2017 finish as anything but extremely dry.

Total liquid precipitation for Castle Rock finished at 1.13 inches which is 0.70 inches below average.

Snowfall for Castle Rock finished at 3.84 inches which is 10.86 inches below average.


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