Castle Rock's Biggest Event of the Year!

If you're new to Castle Rock or a seasoned veteran of the town, the Starlighting put on by the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce is definitely an event not to be missed!

The the festivities run from 2PM-7P with the Starlighting Ceremony kicking off promptly at 5PM. Be sure to get there early to enjoy the vendors, food trucks and visit some of the small businesses in the area that often have hot cocoa!

Map for Castle Rock Starlighting 2018

The Weather

As is often the case with Starlighting, it looks chilly this year so be sure to be prepared for that! There is also a good possibility of snow showers on and off through the afternoon and into the evening hours. Doesn't look like a major storm by any means, mainly the travel impacts we expect are from icy conditions on roads and sidewalks early in the day Saturday and then again into the evening hours.

Let's look at some models real quick!

Modeled Precipitation


Saturday 1PM precipitation in the area

Saturday 3PM precipitation in the area


Saturday 6PM precipitation in the area

The takeaway; most models are pointing to scattered snow showers throughout the day on Saturday. The model snapshots above show snow showers throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours, keep in mind though any snow that is falling is expected to remain relatively light in intensity.

Modeled Temperatures

Saturday 1PM modeled temperatures

Saturday 3PM modeled temperatures

Saturday 6PM modeled temperatures

The takeaway; it's going to be chilly throughout the event. We expect temperatures to peak in the mid 20's by afternoon dropping to low 20's to upper teens by later in the evening hours. Be sure to dress warm, have hats, gloves and hand-warmers for your family. Another good suggestion is to duck into the small businesses and say hello when it's getting chilly out, they usually have the heaters cranked up pretty high. It's also a great chance to meet some new folks!


Be Prepared! Here's our Castle Rock Starlighting 2018 Checklist!

Enjoy and stay warm everyone!