About Mountain Wave Weather

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Coverage Along the Palmer Divide Region

  • Often the Palmer Divide Region doesn't get specific forecasts
  • This area is squashed between the giant market of Denver and Colorado Springs
  • We've have extensive knowledge of the patterns and terrain that makes the weather in this region so unique!
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No Hype and No B.S. Weather Forecasts

  • No investors and no advertisements means we have no one to answer to
  • We don't need to hype severe weather and storm events
  • We specialize in timely, accurate and essential weather forecasting
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Storm Chasing and Weather Data

  • Follow along with us as we chase and document Colorado's severe weather
  • AlWays special emphasis on the Palmer Divide region
  • Chase season is 365 days for us, from Tornadoes to Blizzards, we got it covered!

 Castle Rock and Palmer Divide Weather Facts

Castle Rock, Colorado Weather Statistics

  • Warmest Month on Average
    • July with a mean temperature of 70.4 Degrees
  • Coldest Month on Average
    • December with a mean temperature of 31.2 Degrees
  • Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded
    • 99 Degrees in July 1973
  • Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded
    • -35 Degrees in January 1963
  • Wettest Month on Average
    • August
  • Driest Month on Average
    • December

Information About the Palmer Divide

  • Cities and towns within the Palmer Divide include
    • Castle Rock, Franktown, Elizabeth, Kiowa, Monument, Black Forest, Sedalia and Palmer Lake.
  • Areas of the Denver metro along C-470 from Chatfield to Interstate 25, and along E-470 from Interstate 25 to Smoky Hill Road are on the extreme northern fringe of the Palmer Divide.
  • The elevation along the divide varies between about 6,000 and 7,887 feet (1,829 and 2,404 m), with the high point being Bald Mountain in southern Douglas County.
    • This peak can be seen from I-25 just northeast of Monument Hill.
  • This uplifted area causes a slight increase in precipitation from the rest of eastern Colorado, resulting in the presence of the Black Forest, a peninsula of trees surrounded by dryer grassland plains.
  • The Palmer Divide is also implicated in enhanced landspout and tornado activity to the east of Denver in the Denver convergence vorticity zone (DCVZ).