Our team will be attending the National Storm Chaser Convention this year in Normal Oklahoma. We attend this event every year to meet up with others that do what we do, learn about new chaser techniques and technology, analyze the past years severe weather events and get re-certified (if necessary.)

Some of the notable items this year are:

  • Friday January 22
    • Visit and tour of the National Weather Center
  • Saturday January 23
    • El Reno Survey Team – Making Storm Chaser Imagery Useful to Science: Results from the El Reno Survey (3D storm analysis and software)
    • Dr. Howie Bluestein – Anticyclonic Tornadoes in Cyclonically Rotating, Right Moving Supercells
    • Dr. Greg Forbes – Some Interesting Aspects of 2015 and Looking for Mini Tornado Alleys
    • Dr. Jason Persoff – We’ve Got Cows: Exploring the Injury Patterns of Severe Weather
    • Greg Carbin – The Storm Prediction Center; 20 Years in Norman, Oklahoma
    • Tim Marshall – 2015 – A Rock ‘n’ Roll Chase Year
    • Gary England – “On The Road Again”
  • Sunday January 24
    • Roger Hill – Forecasting, Chasing and Photographing the Southwestern Monsoons
    • Chris Novy – Deep Thoughts With Chris Novy
    • Blake Naftel – The Storm Chasing Anthology, The People. This Culture
    • Rick Smith – Behind the Scenes: Chasers and the NWS Warning Process